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Anyone at least 21 years of age may join if they meet the height requirements. Women must be at least 5′ 10″ tall, and men must be at least 6′ 2″. (Measurements are taken barefoot.) However, if you are a spouse of a regular member, you may still be an associate member if you don’t meet the height requirement.

You are always welcome to our events as a prospect until you are voted in as a member. First-time prospects are never charged for house parties or most other events. It costs nothing to just come check us out! Note: Please do not send payment for dues until you have been voted in.


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Periodically, the club publishes a roster of all members, including their address and phone numbers. That information, as it pertains to you, will be automatically included in the next edition unless you specifically request that all or some be deleted.

By clicking on the check box below, you certify that all statements made in this application are true and agree and understand that any misstatements of material facts herein will cause forfeiture on your part of the right to become a member of the Sacramento Tall Club. You also understand that the above information is to be kept strictly confidential and is not a commitment in any way, shape or form other than to become a Regular Member upon satisfaction of the membership requirements. You further acknowledge that your address and phone number will be published (except as noted above), and you will hold the Club free and harmless for any and all consequences of that publication (membership information will NOT be sold).