Member At Large Poll

Submitted by Rusty Bloomquist VP TCI/Membership:

Paid MAL (member at large) applicants may be approved by the Executive Board as they come in. Height to be verified by a valid ID or doctor’s certification. Reason: Currently all MAL applicants have to wait until the annual Delegate’s Meeting for approval. It is important to get them active as soon as possible. PLEASE NOTE: The VP of Membership will let the applicant know if there is a club in their area.

The Exec Board is proposing the following changes to the Member At Large bylaw. Please review this change and vote below as to whether you approve or disapprove. Thank you!

3.0 Membership in the Corporation

3.1 no change

3.2 The Delegates Executive Board of the Corporation may offer the privileges of membership in the Corporation to individuals who shall be known as Members-at-Large.

3.3 Any person desiring to obtain Membership-at-Large status within the Corporation shall send written application and a non-refundable dues check (as defined in Section 4) to TCI – in care of the TCI Vice President of Membership. – at least sixty (60) days prior to the annual Delegates’ Meeting. After review, the Executive Board shall submit qualified applications to the delegates for give final approval as they are received

A. Eligibility requirements for becoming a Member-at-Large include any of the following:

1. Dues paid membership in TCI for a combined total of ten (10) years.

2. 1. Meet height and age requirements of TCI, but does not live within 100 miles of any Member Club. Is interested in participating in a new Club should others express interest in starting one in their area. Subject to official measuring in at first TCI or affiliate Club event attended. with height to be verified by a valid ID or doctor’s certification

3. Meet height/age requirements of TCI, but local Club has additional membership requirements for which applicant does not qualify.

3.5 no change to rest of section

 4.0 Dues no change

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