Support Goody The Giraffe

Sacramento Tall Club is a sponsor of the giraffes at the Sacramento Zoo. We invite you to help us help provide boots and braces for Goody. Our goal is to cover the cost of a year’s worth of booths and braces. If many, give a little, we will reach our goal for Goody. Thank you in advance for your donation. Hope it brings a smile to your heart.

Goody, one of the Sacramento Zoo’s reticulated giraffes. Suffers from chronic joint abnormalities that contributes to her arthritis.

To help relieve the 1,500 pound, 14-foot tall, giraffe’s discomfort, zookeepers outfitted her with custom-made shoes. She wears out the shoes quickly.

Your donation will help pay for a year’s worth of shoes and the braces that go with them.

The shoe comes with a metal plate and custom insole that helps to align her joints. It also corrects the rotation of her foot. They cost $200.00 per month.

“Goody has been opting to stay outside with the herd more instead of going into the barn every day for a long nap. Sitting less often shows us she feels more comfortable. She is also choosing to socialize with her friends. She is getting more exercise too” said zoo staff.

Help support Goody by donating today.