Congratulations to the 2021 TCI Frank Winker Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Sacramento’s own Rusty Bloomquist.
Also to Kae Sumner Einfeldt Lifetime Achievement Award winner Kate Weigant from the Portland Skyliners
Sacramento’s Sue Morrison received a Merit Award.
Sacramento also received the attendance and Travel awards.


Welcome to the Sacramento Tall Club website!

The Sacramento Tall Club is a social club for men 6’2″ (and taller) and women 5’10” (and taller). Our Club is a member of Tall Clubs International, an international organization of Tall Clubs. You may reach us many ways:

We’re an active social club. You can find photos of many of our past events on our Facebook photos page as well as on our Meetup photos page. We publish our calendar of events using Meetup. You are welcome to join us at any event. And when you are ready, become a member. We hope to see you soon!

Join us for the 2022 TCI Convention in New England.